Welcome to The Girl's Guide to Graphic Design: the magical online learning experience that empowers you to dream up stunning visual brands and drop-dead gorgeous graphics using the one and only Photoshop! (And that's unlike any other "course" you've ever seen).
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“Every child is an artist.
The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

- Pablo Picasso


The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design
(GG2GD for short) is a choose-your-own-adventure online learning experience for women who want to awaken, unleash, and mega-empower their inner designer. (Yep – we all have one! And it’s time to let yours out!).


I’ve designed the course to be a magical unfolding of new horizons: a treasure trove of possibilities that you can keep coming back to again and again.

And instead of imposing a particular schedule, forcing you to memorize every last detail of some scary interface before you’re allowed to actually do anything cool, or telling you you’ve got to learn in a style that is very definitely NOT your own, you can dive in, explore, and enjoy exactly as you see fit!

One thing’s for sure: you haven’t learned online like this before – and if you purchase the course, your life will NEVER be the same. :)

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Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:


In-depth, step by step instruction on creating a totally unique, deeply authentic visual brand for that business, project or movement you’ve always dreamed of starting (or on upgrading the one you’ve already got!).


Uncommonly exciting Photoshop training, to equip you with the skills to make any kind of graphic, in any style you can imagine.


Innovative tools to help you bust through creativity blocks and perfect your graphics so that they’re flawless every time.


You’ll finish the course with…

1. A complete, ridiculously beautiful “visual brand suite” that’s ready to be loaded on to the web, so that you can take on the world with your mission and message, including:
- A blog or website header image
- “Signature graphics” to represent each of your products/services/blog post series/other offerings (to put in the sidebar of your site, or to use as advetisements for your site, placed elsewhere on the web)
- A Twitter background
- A cover image for your Facebook page
- “Quote graphics” in the style of your specific visual brand
- A “formula” to follow to ensure all the images you post on your blog or site are totally, utterly “you”!

2. The Photoshop know-how to change your look and feel time and time again, without ever needing to hire a brander or designer.

3. The ability to make graphic design your career, if you like the sound of that!

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The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design is for women who are ready to step in to self-expression like never before.

If you want the ability to reinvent your brand as often as you yourself grow, change, and evolve (and maybe even do the same for paying clients)…

If you feel a tugging at your heartstrings when you think of being able to design gorgeous graphics…

If you’re a business owner, hopeful business owner, activist, dabbler, or anyone with ideas in her head that want to come out and take flight…

If you’re sick of endlessly looking at beautiful things on the web, and you’re ready to finally understand how to produce them…

…Then GG2GD is for you. :)

Here’s what some of our Creative Courage participants had to say about the kind of learning experiences I create:


“You make learning SO FUN…and so addictive! I wish there were more hours in the day just to soak it all up and create ’til our heart’s content!

Like you said in today’s video – while college/traditional school is great and important and all, this type of learning is so much more my style (and effective!). I have learned more in the GG2WD course and this workshop than I ever did in college. A huge part of it is that I WANT to be here and these are things I truly WANT to learn about. The other part is being around such like-minded, strong, powerful, encouraging, and inspiring women.”
- Stefani

Amanda, thank you for creating this course! This has been such a great way for me to get more clear about my brand vision and how to visualize it.
- Nina
“Amanda Aitken Verrall you are the BEST. No one better to work with or learn from.”
- Sherida


“I am LOVING how my intuition and creativity are coming into focus with this project.”
- Alice
Okay, this class is one of the most fun things I’ve done with my clothes on!
- Jedidjah
“I enjoyed the most amazing week, and feel empowered, inspired and on track for something amazing. Thank you Amanda for all your help, coaching and niceness.”
- Ellen

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So what exactly makes this course different from your typical “Photoshop course” (in case you aren’t already getting the vibe that it’s a completely different thing?)

1. There’ll be NO learning all kinds of boring theory and memorizing every single tool before you actually get to create anything. You’ll be designing lovely graphics from the very first day you start working with the course.

2. The techniques I teach you are literally foolproof…so even if you don’t think you “have an eye for this type of thing”, you won’t be able to help creating gorgeous graphics.

3. You can learn in your pyjamas, with a glass of wine (or cup of tea) in hand. Enough said.

What this course will teach you:

You’ll learn to make the types of graphics that you see all over these websites (every last bit of these sites was created with Photoshop):

As you’ll notice from checking out the website screenshots above, there’s no one particular style of design that I teach you in this program. Instead, I’ll guide you through determining your OWN signature look and feel, so that you can create without limits – and have a ball doing it. :)

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Ok – let’s hear some details!
How exactly does an “online course”
like this work?

GG2GD makes learning ultra-accessible, flexible, and all-around delightful!
- You’ll access all the program material inside our private, students-only website.
- You’ll learn by watching (and following along with) videos, by reading written tutorials and instructions that I’ve put together for you, and by completing “creative play” assignments. It’s a delicious blend of multimedia instruction that works wonders – no matter your learning style.
- There is no schedule to keep up with or lesson plan to follow – so if you’re going away on vacation, or if you have to put the course aside for a bit while you focus on work or family matters, you won’t miss a thing.
It’s as simple as that, really (woot!).


Care to take a surreptitious peek? Here’s the inside of our private, students-only website:

(This is the site you’ll log in to when you’re in the mood to play, explore, and create with The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design!).


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What about “school supplies”? Is there anything special I need to own or buy to take the course?

I’m glad you asked! There are just two must-haves for the program:

1. A computer with a detached/separate mouse
- It can be a Mac or a PC; a laptop or a desktop. You just need to make sure that your operating system is up to par to run Photoshop (click here for complete details on this).
- While you can definitely watch the videos and read all the written material on a tablet (such as in iPad), you’ll need a full-blown computer to be able to run Photoshop and do the exercises and graphic recreations that I walk you through in the course.
- You’ll also need a mouse to be able to use Photoshop effectively (so if you’ve been getting by with only a touchpad on your laptop, it’s time to treat yourself to a real mouse!).

2. A recent version of Photoshop
- If you don’t already own Photoshop, I recommend you start by downloading their free 30-day trial (which I guide you through doing when you sign up for the course). This way, you’ll get a month of footloose & fancy-free graphics creation, for zero dollars. And don’t worry about the “installation” aspect; I’ll explain exactly how to sign up for the trial at the beginning of the program.
- Photoshop used to be a one-time cost, but nowadays, it’s sold on a monthly subscription basis. If you commit to subscribing for a year, it costs just $20 a month. Not too shabby for such a powerful tool for your life, biz, or dreams come true!

That’s it? Really?

That’s all you’ll need – although as you become more creatively inspired and capable, you’ll likely want to invest in some optional extras, too.

I make a point of teaching you the most low-cost ways I know for designing gorgeous graphics. But there may be times when you’ll want to buy an image from a site like Shutterstock or purchase a special font that’s not available for free.

In cases like these, I’ll show you how to test out your font or image before you buy it, so you’ll never waste money on something that’s not quite right for a project.

I also direct you to plenty of FREE sources for awesome imagery and out-of-this-world fonts – so you’ll always have options.


Your Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design investment

The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design is packed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of sumptuously juicy creative goodness – but you’ll pay a fraction of that.

Let’s take a look at the main sections of the program:

A gentle-yet-epic fearbusting journey that will help you coax out your unique visual brand, including identifying your colours & fonts.

Learn exactly what goes in to the world’s most beautiful graphics. I demystify that “wow factor” so that you can harness it for yourself!

Mistake-proof your designs so that every single piece of work you create is flawless. Seriously.

Learn everything you ever needed to know about sourcing fantastic images to use in your projects.

Get to know Photoshop, the incredibly powerful design software that everybody’s always talking about (with the way I teach Photoshop, you’ll be empowered to start creating right out of the gate).

The best way to get Photoshop-savvy, FAST: recreating existing graphics. Within minutes of trying your hand at this, you’ll start to see yourself as the incredibly capable creative maestro that you are!

We whipped up this one-of-a-kind tool for you to tell you the precise proportions to use in your graphics so that they read as “fabulous” to the human eye.

Delve into a treasure trove of resources to inspire, inform, and uplift you. This section ALONE is worth the price of the course!

A complete guide to a) refining your visual brand, and b) creating all the the components you’ll need to make waves with your “thing” online, from your header image for your blog or site, to your Facebook timeline image.

Need to make a graphic for yourself or a client – and feeling stuck on how to lay it out or what techniques to use? This ingenious, slot machine-style tool will instantly inspire you – so that you can move on with your work!

A no-nonsense list of rules to follow to keep your designing life happy, safe, and sane.

Learn the crucial Photoshop nuances that’ll take you from unsure beginner to savvy, cool-as-a-cucumber pro.

Enter the font vortex with me! I’ll teach you all about selecting, combining, sizing, and fine-tuning fonts – so that the graphics you create will look anything but DIY’d.

My other favourite topic: colour! Learn how to choose shades, create stunning colour schemes, and adjust hues to suit your every whim. Pot of gold at end of rainbow possibly included. :)

Master these Photoshop must-haves to create high-end graphics with stylish effects – as well as minimize the time you spend on tedious image editing tasks.

Feast your eyes on a huge variety of gorgeous graphics, and get ready to kickstart your creativity engine.

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Your investment in The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design is only $997 – with the option to pay in two or three installments.


Just think: If you sign up for the course to take control of your own visual brand for that thing you want to start, or the thing you’ve already got, the price of the program is less than you’ll pay a talented brander or designer. And because YOU’ll have the skills in YOUR toolkit, you’ll be able to reinvent yourself online time and time again.

That means no more paying anyone else to bring your dreams to life – ever again!

And if you take the course in order to become a graphic designer – either “on the side”, or full time? You just might make back your investment in this program on your very first job.

Meanwhile, you could spend $10,000 + on taking a graphic design program at your local college or university.

And you could wait two years or more to graduate – and have to trek outside through sleet and snow and locust swarms to get to your cold (or boiling hot) classroom, where you’ll be doomed to sit beside that creepy guy who picks his nose. For the umpteenth time.

The bottom line? No matter your goals, GG2GD will equip you with some of the most empowering new skills EVER!